What is a tooth / dental implant ?

A tooth implant is basically a tooth root that supports one or more artificial teeth. In this treatment, the tooth root is surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath the gum line where the replacement teeth is mount into that area. Tooth implants also benefit the general oral health as they do not have to be anchored to the other teeth. For implants to be done, healthy gums and adequate bones are must. Bones which are thin or soft are unable to support the implants and a bone graft may be required. A bone graft fixes the bones that are damaged from trauma or problem joints. It is also useful for growing bone around an implanted device. If properly maintained, a tooth implant can last for many years and possibly of your whole life time.

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Benefits of having tooth implant:-

  • It helps in proper pronunciation of words.
  • Makes chewing of food easier.
  • A good alternative to removable dentures or fixed bridges.
  • No adjacent teeth need to be prepared or ground down for the replacement of new teeth.
  • It restores the lost teeth so that they look, feel, fit and function like natural teeth.
  • It also preserves jaw bones.

Am I suitable for tooth implant ?

A tooth implant is the right choice for anyone missing one, multiple, or even all the teeth due to any injury, defect, disease or decay. It can be performed on a person of any age. However, the person’s jaw must have been fully developed at the time of treatment.

It is also advisable that you mention the below thing(s) (if any) during your consultation with the dentist:

Smoking and/or Alcohol habit.
Any medical conditions.
Any existing medical prescription that you are following or about to follow.

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