Oral Medicine, Diagnosis and Radiology is a speciality of dentistry concerned with diagnosis and medical management of diseases of the oral mucosa, jaws and the salivary glands. Medical management of oro-facial pain and temperomandibular joint disease. Dental management of patients with complicating medical diseases and Radiographic evaluation and treatment assessment for diseases affecting the teeth and the bones of the maxillofacial region.

The department of Oral Medicine & Radiology is the first department where the patient visits in any dental institution. The department was established in year 2004.The post graduation program was started in year 2006 with 2 PG seats per year which was further increased to 6 seats in year 2014. Infrastructurally, the clinics are well-equipped to comprehensively treat more than 40 patients at any given time. The department is headed by Professor Dr. Mohit Pal Singh who is supported by other staff members. The immensely experienced and vastly qualified staff members are always eager to provide treatment to the affected patients.

The department has qualified and experienced teachers who strive to best of quality teaching. The department has a rich collection of teaching materials in form of books, journals, library dissertations, and seminars in CDs & print form. The valuable collection of special cases and radiographs add to knowledge of students and to the existing number of patients reporting to OPD. Internet facility can be availed in the department of PGs & staff. We have best team for oral maxillofacial surgery.

PGs are trained in not only in the dental college but also in the medical hospital for the allied medical subjects and are even posted in Cancer Institute for Diagnostic & Therapeutic Radiology. The various research work under the guidance of eminent teachers expose them to explored territories which enable them to expand their knowledge to new horizons.

Our department has several international & national publications to our credit and our PG students have won various awards at state as well as national level conferences and programs.

Pacific Dental College also organizes continuing dental education programmes and conferences by distinguished speakers and clinicians to keep its students regularly updated about newer advances in field of Oral Medicine & Maxillofacial radiology and participate regularly in different conferences at international, national, state and local level.


  • Intra-lesional injections for the treatment of Oral Submucous Fibrosis (Corticosteroids, Hynidase & Placental extracts)
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic injections (Lidocaine) along with medicinal management of Trigeminal Neuralgias.
  • Treatment of Oral Leukoplakia with Oral Antixodants
  • Treatment of MPDS with medication and physiotherapy
  • Use of alternate medicine in the treatment of stubborn diseases like RAS, Lichen planus, OSMF etc.
  • Oral Antifungal Therapy
  • Pharmacotherapies for Neuralgias
  • Infrared for MPDS, Myofacial myospasms , post surgical trismus etc.
  • TENS therapy for MPDS , trismus, myospasms etc
  • Excision of small tumors and lesions
  • Biopsy like incisional, FNAC & Exfoliative cytology for oral lesions and cyst.
  • Sialography for diagnosis of salivary gland disorders.


To train dental graduates and post graduates of Oral Medicine and Radiology to acquire adequate knowledge, necessary skills and attitude required for carrying out all the activities appropriate to diagnose, investigate, plan a treatment protocol and medically manage orofacial soft tissue diseases including orofacial pain. Dental management of medically compromised patients.


  • To establish a renowned center for Oral Medicine and Radiology in Rajasthan,India
  • To inculcate the values like punctuality, discipline, hard work and “service above the self” among the students and the staff.
  • To impart quality education to the undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • To create opportunities for the undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • To impart health education and create awareness amongst the masses for preventing the disease to make true the statement “ prevention is better than the cure”.
  • To equip the students with the knowledge and confidence to diagnose orthofacial diseases and impart quality treatment to paitients with oral soft tissue disorders, orofacial pain and dental management of medically compromised patients.
  • To strive to make the department “ center of excellence” for education and service, matching global standards.


UG-100 seats per annum
PG – 6 seats per annum

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