DETAILS OF SCIENTIFIC EVENTS(Conferences/ Seminars / Conventions/CDEs/ FDPs)


S.NoDateEvent Type EventLevelCredit pointOrganising Dept./ Associated Organisation Resource person / Precenter`
06/03/10-07/03/10CONVENTION7TH National Post Graduate ConventionNationalPaediatric
Indian Society of Paediatric & Preventive Dentistry
Convener : Dr Sapna Hegde
Speakers at the Convention
228/07/10FDPClinicians approach towards Diagnosis of Dental DiseasesLocalOral Medicine & Radiology
Convener : Dr Mohit Pal Singh
Dr. Junaid Ahmed
320/08/10FDPHands-on program on Parenteal Drug AdministrationLocalOral & Maxillofacial Surgery IDA UDAIPUR BRANCH
Convener : Prof. Dr Balaji Manohar
Dr. Deepak Shah
429/06/11FDPEvidence based decision making : An overviewLocalPeriodontics IDA UDAIPUR BRANCH
Convener : Prof. Dr Balaji Manohar
Dr Monali Shah
505/09/11FDPTeachers training & Orientation programLocalOral & Maxillocafial SurgeryDr . A . Bhagavandas Rai
604/02/12-05/02/12FDPNational Workshop on Biostatistics & Research MethodologyNationalPublic Health Dentistry Convener : Dr Ramesh N. Dr.R.M. Pandey ( AIIMS , N.Delhi), Dr. Guresh Kumar(AIIMS , New Delhi)
704/03/12CDELecture & Hands-on Clinical PhotographyLocalOral Pathology
Convener : Prof. Dr Balaji Manohar
Dr K.M. Keluskar
813/04/12-15/04/12CDEComprehensive workshop on Lingual OrthodonticsNationalOrthodontics
Convener : Dr Jagat Sharda

Dr Navin Shetty ,
Dr Manjul Jain
926/06/12CDECurrent Opinion in Management of Biofilms & Periodontal DiseasesLocalPeriodontics in association with
Indian Society of Periodontology
Convener : Dr Balaji Manohar
Dr Anand Bhalodi
1027/08/12FDPHands-on program on Intraoral Digital PhotographyLocalCons & Endodontics
Convener : Dr Sandeep Metgud
Mr. Ravi Jagasia
1105/11/12 FDPRole of Teachers in Professional CollegesLocal Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Convener : Dr A. Bhagavan Das Rai
Dr. B.M. Hegde ( Vice Chancelor MAHE Univ. MANIPAL )
1217/03/13 CDEIAOMR CDE Workshop program on Avenues in the Management of Orthofacial Pain National06Oral Medicine & Radiology IAOMR
Convener : Dr Prashant Nahar
Dr SY Rajan , Dr A.K. Vats , Dr B.L. Siroya , Dr. Gaurav Paiwal
1330/03/13 CDE Lecture and Hands-on program on MTA & Regenerative Endodontics Local06 Cons & Endodontics
Convener : Dr Sandeep Metgud
Dr P.D.Joshi ; Dr Hemlatha Hiramath
1427/05/13FDPAn Update on Orthofacial Pain ManagementLocalOral Madecian & Radiology
Convener : Prof. Dr Balaji Manohar
Dr Hitesh Patel
1501/08/13CDECurrent Opinion in Management of Biofilms & Periodontal DiseasesLocalPeriodontics
Indian Society of Periodontology ( Country wide lecture series )
Convener : Dr Balaji Manohar
Dr Ravi Kiran
1611/09/13WEBINARLecture on Slim Tips , Soft Approach – Make a difference , and Learning the art of tooth preparation for fixed prosthodonticNationalPeriodontics
Colgate Palmolive India Ltd.
Convener : Prof. Dr Balaji Manohar
Dr. Rajiv Verma
1723/09/13CDEIDA – COLGATE Future Dental Professional ProgrammeLocalPeriodontics
Convener : Prof. Dr Balaji Manohar
Dr Aditi Mathur , Dr Mohit Pal Singh , Dr Meetu Jain , Dr Neema Shetty, Dr Nikhil Verma
1804/10/13FDPCone Beam CT (CBCT ) – an Update LocalOral Medicine & Radiology
Oracle CBCT Center , Indore
Convener : Prof. Dr Prashant Nahar
Dr Ajay Parihar
1907/11/13FDPMedico-Legal UpdateLocal03Public Health Dentistry
Young Doctor Program , Abott
Convener : Dr Kailash Asawa
Advocate Mahendra Kumar Bajpai
2028/02/14 – 02/03/14CDESAMEEKSHA- Review course for PGsNationalPeriodontics
Convener : Dr Ravikiran N.
Guest lectures from 12 speakers / mentors
2103/03/14 – 06/03/14
MASTER CLASS – A Comprehensive review courseNationalOral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Rajasthan Chapter of AOMSI
Convener :Dr Bipin B.
Panel of Experts as per Brochure
2207/03/14 – 09/03/14SYMPOSIUMXII NATIONAL TRIPLE O SYMPOSIUM 2014National18Oral Medical & Radiology , IAOMR
Org. Chairman : Prof. Dr SY Rajan
Org. Sec: Prof. Dr Mohit Pal Singh
Speakers at the Symposium ,
04 Key note lectures and about 300 presentations
2307/03/14FDPOSPE / OSCE WorkshopLocalOral Medicine & Radiology
Department of Dental Education
KLE VK Inst. of Dental Sciences ,
KLE University , Belgaum ,Karnataka Convener : Dr Smitha Rao
Prof. Dr. Alka Kale,
Prof. Dr Vaishali Keluskar , Prof. Dr Anjana Bagewadi and
Prof. Dr KM Keluskar
2404/04/14WEBINAR Video conferanceVirtual Interaction – Periodontal RegenerationDepartmentalPeriodontics
Convener : Dr Balaji Manohar i
Dr Rajeev Chitgupp
2531/05/14AWARENESS LECTURE Awareness lecture on world Anti-tobacco dayLocalPublic Health Dentistry
Conv: Dr. Kailash Asawa

Dr. P.C. Jain
2625/06/14FDPCBCT – Recent trends in Radiographic DiagnosisLocalOral Medicine & Radiology
Convener : Dr Prashant Nahar
Dr. Ajay Parihar
2728/07/14CDEEarly Childhood Caries – Disease management Concepts and Opportunities for foreign trained dentists in USALocalPacific Dental College & Hospital
Convener : Dr Prashant Nahar
Dr Vineet Dhar ( USA)
2808/09/14 CDEFuture of Periodontics – An Indo Nepalese OverviewDepartmentalPeriodontics
Convener : Dr Balaji Manohar /
Dr Neema Shetty
Dr Shaili Pradhan ( Nepal)
2917/10/14CDEErgonomics for Musculoskeletal Pain in Dental ProfessionalsLocal03Prosthodontics
Convener : Dr Dilip M. Dhamankar
Dr. Ashish Nagar (MPT) Sriram Spine Hosp,Udaipur
3021/11/14WEBINARHigher Education in USALocalPeriodontics
Convener: Dr. Balaji Manohar
Dr. Sandesh Mayekar ,
Dr. Jade D. Brewer
`3122/01/15-24/01/15CDESameeksha – PG Review Course PeriodonticsNationalPeriodontics
Indian Society of Periodontology
Conv: Dr Balaji Manohar
Guest lectures from 16 mentors
3222/01/15CDEScope of Periodontics & Treatment modalities for Final BDS studentsLocalPeriodontics
Conv; Dr Ravi Kiran N.
Dr. Sahitya Reddy ( MDS Perio)
3321/02/15AWARENESS LECTURE Swine Flu Awareness lecture LocalPublic Health Dentistry
Conv: Dr Kailash Asawa
Dr. S.K.Tak ( CMHO Udaipur ) , Dr. Raghvendra Rai
3420/03/15AWARENESS LECTURE Oral Health Awareness programme on World Oral Health DayLocalPublic Health Dentistry and Oral Medicine in association with IDA Udaipur Branch
Conv: Dr Prashant Nahar , Dr. Mridula
Dr. Nagesh Bhatt ( MDS PHD )
Dr. Mohit Pal Singh ( MDS OMR)
3512/05/15CDELecture on use of Antibiotics in DentistryLocalOral Medicine & Radiology
in association with Pfizer Ltd.
Conv: Dr. Prashant Nahar
Dr. S. Bhuvaneshwari ( MDS OMR)
3618/05/15CDE with hands onDirect and Indirect VeneersLocal Point03Cons . & Endo in association with IVOCLAR VIVADENT
Conv. : Dr.Sandeep Metgud /
Dr. Prashant Shetty

Dr. Sachin Deep Singh ( MDS Cons & Endo)
3730/05/15FDP with hands onAn approach to referring by EndNoteLocalOral Pathology
Conv: Dr. Rashmi Metgud
Dr. Madhusudan Astekar ( MDS Oral Path )
3828/09/15CDE with demo and hands onRetreatodontics & Rotary EndodonticsLocal06Cons & Endodontics in association with COLTENE
Conv : Dr. Sandeep Metgud / Dr. Karthik
Dr. Amit Patodiya ( MDS Cons & Endo)
3905/10/15FDPOrientation towards ICMR-STS ProgramLocalPublic Health Dentistry Dr. Nagesh Bhatt ( MDS PHD )
4003/11/15CDE`Lasers in DentistryState03Periodontics in association with IDA Udaipur Branch
Conv: Dr. Balaji Manohar ,
Dr. Neema Shetty ,Dr. Prashant Nahar
Dr. Georgios E. Romanos ( DDS , PhD Perio.)
Stony Brook , New York
4107/11/15Lecture for studentsIDA – Colgate future Dental Professional program on Dental Practice ManagementLocalPublic Health Dentistry with IDA Udaipur branch and Colgate
Conv: Dr. Nagesh Bhatt , Dr. Mridula Tak
Dr. Kailash Asawa ( MDS PHD)
4230/11/15Lecture for studentsTooth brush – Inside story – Criss crossLocalPeriodontics in association with Oral – B
Conv: Dr. Ravi Kiran
Dr. Balaji Manohar
4312/12/15CDE with demoContemporary issues in Modern Dental PracticeLocal03PDC Alumni Society in association with IDA Udaipur branch
Conv : Dr. Sunil Panwar
Dr. Bhavesh Kothari Dr. Nikhil Verma ( MDS Prosthodontics )
Dr. Nagesh Bhatt ( MDS,PHD)
4421/12/15Lecture for studentsCurrent Opinion in Management of Biofilm & Periodontal DiseasesLocalPeriodontics in association with ISP
Conv: Dr. Neema Shetty
Dr. Balaji Manohar ( MDS Periodontics )
4503/01/16-10/01/16FDP workshopNational CDE program on Research Methodology and DATA analysis through SoftwareNationalPublic Health Dentistry in association with Dept of Post Graduate studies , PAHER University
Conv : Dr. Nagesh Bhatt
Speakers at the event as per brochure (08 Guest Speakers )
4611/01/16SymposiumNewer Challenges and Solutions in Clinical OrthodonticsNational06
Orthodontics in association with IOS and ROSG
Conv: Dr. Prabhuraj B. Kambalyal
Dr. Jagat Sharda
Dr. N.R. Krishnaswamy ( MDS Orthodontia)
4716/01/16CDE program with Hands-onPaediatric Dentistry – DeconstructedState06Paediatric Dentistry
Conv : Dr. Sapna Hegde
Dr. Dinesh Rao Dr. Harsh Vyas ( MDS Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry )
4823/01/16-25/01/16Review courseSameeksha 2016National18Periodontics in association with ISP Study group Udaipur
Conv : Dr. Ravi Kiran N.
Guest lectures from 14 mentors
4930/01/16CDE workshop on hands onExtraoral Maxillofacial Prosthesis “ Revivify through Simplicity”State06Prosthodontics
Conv : Dr. Meenakshi T. Dr.. Darshana Shah ( MDS Prosthodontics )

Dr.Chirag Chauhan , Dr.Paras Doshi
5019/02/16-20/02/16State Conferance2nd Rajasthan State Chapter of AOMSI conference State12Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in association with Rajasthan State Chapter AOMSI
Conv: Dr. A. Bhagavandas Rai

Dr. Himanshu Gupta Guest lectures from 14 speakers
5117/03/16Awareness Lecture Awareness Lecture on Women HealthLocalPublic Health Dentistry
Conv: Dr. Nagesh Bhatt
Dr. Mridula Tak Dr. Nazima Saloda ( MS Gynaec & Obs.) ,
Dr. Surekha Bhatt ( MDS Cons & Endo)
5203/04/16CDE programNational IAOMR CDE program , “ SAMANJASYA- the Orosystemic Harmony ”National06Oral Medicine & Radiology under the aegis of IAOMR
Conv: Dr. Mohit Pal Singh
Dr. Prashant Nahar ( MDS OMR),
Dr. Anjana Verma ( MS Gynaec. Obs ) ,
Dr. Sandeep Kansara ( MD , DM Endorinology ),
Dr. Kapil Bhargava ( MD , DM Cardiology)
5308/04/16CDE programNational CDE program on An Intergrated Approach to DiagnosisNational06Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology under the aegis of IAOMP
Conv: Dr. Rashmi Metgud
Dr. Aadithya b. Urs ( MDS OP ) ,
Dr. Chitra Purohit ( PhD Medical Biochemistry )

5420/05/16CDE programCDE program “SAMANVAY 2016 ” on Esthetic Dentistry and Posterior Composites Local06Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics in association with IAACD
Conv : Dr. Sandeep Metgud
Dr. Deepali Agarwal Dr. Uday Shetty ( Cosmetic Dentist and Implantologist )
5516/06/16CDE lectureManagement of Cleft Lip and PalateLocalOral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Conv: Dr. Ranjitha Reddy

Dr. Pulkit Khandelwal Dr. Preetam Shetty ( MDS OMFS )
5619/06/16CDE lectureErgonomics in DentistryState03Public Health Dentistry in association with IDA Udaipur Branch
Conv : Dr. Nagesh Bhatt
Dr. Jithesh Jain ( MDS Public Health Dentistry)
5701/08/16Awareness programOral Hygiene Day CelebrationLocalPDCH in association with ISP
Conv: Dr Mridula Tak
Dr. Nagesh Bhatt ( MDS PHD)
5807/08/16CDE lecture with hands onNext Gen NiTi Endodontics with Hyflex EDMLocal06Cons. & Endodontics in ass. With IDA Udr and Coltene; Conv: Dr Sandeep Metgud Dr Sachin Gupta (MDS Cons & Endo)
5928/08/16CDE LectureEmerging Implant Dentistry-My First ImplantLocal03Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in ass. With IDA Udr and Noble Biocare
Conv: Dr Pulkit Khandelwal
Dr Sankalp Mittal (MDS OMFS)
6029/08/16CDE LectureImmediate ImplantsLocalOral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Conv: Dr Pulkit Khandelwal
Dr Y Naresh Shetty (MDS)
6106/09/16FDPPersonality Development ProgramLocalOral medicine & Radiology
Conv: DrPrashantNahar
Mr. AneshBabu ( Corporate Traimer , Dubai )
6208/09/16CDE LectureSpecial Care DentistryLocalOral Medicine & Radiology
Conv: DrPrashantNahar
Dr. AltafHussain Shah ( BDS , MSc Community Dental Practice ) , Dar Al UloomUniv , Riyadh , KSA
6306/10/16CDE LectureBasic and Advanced Dental PhotographyLocal06Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Conv: DrNamit Nagar
Dr. KuldeepD’Mello ( MDS Ortho)
6422/10/16CDE LectureMolecular biology in regenerative endodonticsLocalPDCH in association with PAHER Univ
Conv : Dr. PrashantNahar
Dr. B V Shrinivas Murthy ( MDS , Dean Faculty of Dental Sc. MS Ramaiah
Bangaluru )
6527/10/16CDE LectureLasers in General Dental PracticeLocalDept. of association with ISP Study group Udaipur
Conv: DrBalajiManohar
Dr. Sanjay Jain (MDS)
M.A.Rangoonwala Dental College, Pune
6626/11/16CDE Lecture with Hands onCeramic Refregerium – The moment of ScienceState06Dept. of Prosthodontics
Conv: Dr. Meenakshi T. , Dr.DRV Kumar
Dr. AbhinavSood (MDS )

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